Original Moxie Trio

Original Moxie

No Foam Shampoo

Break your Foam Addiction!  Sulfates, the chemicals that produce heavy foam, also strip hair of its natural oils.  Our Sulfate- free Shampoo takes a gentler approach, harnessing the cleansing properties of Wildharvested Yucca Root & Soapnut to remove dirt and excess oil without disturbing your scalp’s natural balance. 

Just Gel 

Flexibility is the name of the game for this unique gel. Whether your hair is pin straight or tightly curled, this alcohol-free formula, infused with botanical extracts and fortified with Vitamin E & Panthenol, will deliver frizz control and touchable hold without the Dried-Out-Crunchies!

Deep Conditioner

Most conditioners are like empty calories for your hair - a fleeting feeling of slippery goodness followed by disappointing results.  But our unique blend of botanicals, herbs, proteins and emollients is like a smoothie for your hair, nourishing from the inside out.  Hibiscus encourages strong growth and Strawberry adds shine.  Not only does it bathe your senses like a trip to the spa, it delivers stronger, softer and healthier hair. So give your thirsty hair what it really wants – Intense Quench™!

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