Updo with Old Twist Out

 Sometimes life can get a bit hard to manage. Between work, school and my family, I often find it challenging to invest time on styling my hair. 

However, often time, there are ways to add dimension to your hair by simply switching it up or being creative.

Earlier this week I did a twist out with my hair. I was then able to change that twist out by adding a little panache and turning it into an up do.
In a few simple and easy steps, I will show you how I was able to attain that style. 

Here’s what you will need:

You'll need bobby pins and elastic

Here’s how it was done:

  • Leave some hair in front and gather your hair as high up as possible as if you were trying to create a bun. 
    You can pull a little on the twist to get as much length as you can.
  • Take your elastic then put your hair through it and let it fall however it falls. 
  • For the front section fix it however suits your face.

Btw you can wear your hair like that for a few days if you take the time to wrap your hair with your scarf at night.
Simply remove the elastic, leaving your hair in the same shape.
And if the front area doesn't look as nice any more just re-twist that part.

And voilà!!  


very pretty

Johanna Collins December 07, 2020

Mendjaly, I also have natural hair and was instantly drawn to this pin right away! Then I had to take a second look at you! I’m originally from Montreal but now live in Toronto. Is it possible that I actually know you? I have a brother named Basil if that helps! Gorgeous hair by the way! Hoping mine will get to that length!

Sabena November 25, 2016

What was the Hair pin for???

CARLI August 04, 2016

I truly appreciate this forum topic.Really looking forward to read more. Really Great. Shroyer

WilliamNah May 11, 2016

Hi! I enjoyed your techniques. Give me more. This has helped me tremendously, but I need more. Please sssss!

Renee January 27, 2016

Love your style. Do you use any gel to hold it in place? Can you show me any other hair styles?. I am only 1yr. With natural hair and I love. I would appreciate any assist you can give me.

Judy October 23, 2015

i still kind of new to the nature hair style, and it’s only been about 2 years. I get a little help or tips from time to time.
And I feel the same way you feel about having a new style.
With the style you did, did you put any type of gel on your hair.

Sign, still trying

Shirley November 22, 2014

Oh oh gad on vedette! Saw you on pinterest as well. Love the tutorials.

Maggie September 28, 2014

I do like the creativity of your old twist out. I’ll be trying it myself. Have a great day!

Audrey Hepburn September 16, 2014

Your twist out hairstyle is beautiful. Do you have a follow board on Pinterest?

Darlene September 14, 2014

Just found your image on Pinterest so I had to come by and say HI HAIR TWIN! Love your style and pictures here. Your up do is sooooooooooo cute!

Lisa July 26, 2014

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