Meet the ladies behind Frizé Frizé: Medjine & Mendjaly

The twin sisters were inspired to create hair care products - for the curly hair community - based on natural ingredients sourced from around the world that promote hair growth and solve the issue of dry and brittle hair.

Frizé Frizé's shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair cream, hair mask & serum are handcrafted, natural, vegan & non-toxic: you won’t find any artificial fragrances or fillers in our products, nor an extensive list of ingredients difficult to pronounce or understand. The Frizé Frizé haircare line also guarantees manageability and hair that is hydrated, soft & supple.

Frizé Frizé is all about love, simplicity & happiness.

Love - because when you accept what you’ve inherited, it makes it easier to embrace and love your natural beauty. Let’s not let other people define how we feel about our hair.

Simplicity - because we know that a lot of you are busy with your family, work & pursuing a healthy lifestyle… We make it easier for you by offering products based on high-quality ingredients that you will quickly recognize as being natural and easy to incorporate into your daily hair care routine.

Happiness - because looking good makes you feel more confident, happy & carefree.

Making you feel and look good is what we do best.

The Frizé Frizé Team


In 2007, I decided to go natural. I completely immersed myself into my Natural Hair lifestyle, by learning about products and various ways to style hair. I quickly realized that managing Natural Hair was not an easy process. Like many others that have decided to go natural, I knew the journey wasn’t going to be easy, but it was a journey I was committed to pursue.

I thought I had finally completed my academic training in 2005, when I received my Bachelor in Sociology and Communications. However, after ten years of working within the Federal Government, I made the biggest decision to focus on my passion; Educating people about how to maintain and love their curls.

My journey started by enrolling in the Ottawa Academy Hairstyling Program. This was quite a challenge for me, not only did I balance the challenges of the program, but also had to juggle a full-time job and my family obligations. However, with determination and the encouragement of my family and friends, I graduated in 2015. Going through these difficult times, only reinforced that I was destined to make it within the hair industry.

Since completing the program, I’ve continually worked on perfecting my craft. One of the most rewarding experiences, was the opportunity to attend the DevaCurl Academy in New York City to become an Inspired DevaCurl Stylist.




I’ve have always been attracted towards beauty products and the fashion industry.  My  dream was to be apart of it. Like many people with dreams and goals, I unfortunately found myself pushing them to the side for various reasons.

Following High School, I completed my Bachelor in Sociology and Communications and started my career within the Federal Government. I had a cushy desk job, but felt unfulfilled and wanted more. I needed a change in my life!

I took a decision; I was going to follow my Dream and finally become a part of the fashion industry. I was focused on my goal and turn my childhood dream into a reality. Not a care what I needed to do or how long it took – nothing was going to stop me! My journey started by enrolling in the Makeup Artistry program at Versailles Academy. I strongly believed that this program, coupled with my current knowledge base, would give me a greater understanding of the science behind products and methods of application for a variety of cosmetics. Since I’ve started my journey, a few years ago, I have had many life changing experiences that have impacted me greatly. It has become clear to me, that my passion is to enhance the inner beauty that is in all women. For some women this can be difficult. Self-perception and beauty can be influenced by our past, our emotions and the images of beauty in the media. I believe that there is beauty in all women.

Looking back, I have no regrets. The paths and life experiences you acquire, only define the person you are today. 


Our Team