Loving the moisture: 'As I Am' product review

Twisting Defining Cream from 'As I Am'

As I Am product review

Frize Frize does a review on the Twisting Defining Cream from 'As I Am':

How is the product texture? It has a pudding consistency.

What does it smell like? It has a nice tropical coconut smell.

On what type of hair can you apply this product?  As I Am products, can be used on all curl types.

Does this product do what it’s supposed to do? It wasn't able to achieve a the twist out we where looking for, however, the it did leave the hair feeling very soft.

Extra info

Tip: Make sure your hair is completely dry, before undoing your twists.

Pros - Love the moisture it gave my hair.

Cons – The product didn't work for me and for some reason it give a lot of shrinkage. 

Price –  Around $ 20

Frize Frize photo shoot As I Am photo shoot

Frize Frize 2 cool links

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  2. Twist and Curl on Short Type 4 Natural Hair + Mini Product Review. Mona B. youtube video.

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