Safara Fashion Show 2015

Safara Fashion Show 2015

Safara Fashion Show 2015: Frizé Frizé has a great time!

The Frizé Frizé Team had an amazing time at the Safara Fashion Show 2015. This year event, hosted by Gwen Madiba and co-host Karreuche Tran, showcased African prints and fabrics. 

The event kicked off with an amazingly talented group of Burundi Men, who danced and played traditional music - which was so mesmerizing, you felt completely hypnotized by the cadence of the drumming. The guests were then treated, to the designs of: CatherineAddai (Canadian/Ghanian), Niapsou Di (Senegalese/Canadian), King Jector Jr. (Nigerian), Ginette Sarr (Senegalese), Charifa Labarang (Cameroonian/Canadian), Fatouma Haidara (Malian), Stacey Martin Sackey (Ghanian), and many more. No runway model disappointed the enthusiastic crowd as they all had individual styles that where well-choreographed to the music supplied by the DJ.

The Safara event enjoyed by all

I can only image the amount of work put into hosting this type of event. Everyone at Safara should be commended for their efforts and time put into making this event a special night for all.

Safara Models and Drummers

Safara Fashion Show

Safara Fashion Show Frize Frize

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