Meet Frizé Frizé Curly Hairstylist!

Meet Frizé Frizé Curly Hairstylist!

Mendjaly is more than a hairstylist, she is an artist. Every time someone sits in her chair  she is called to create a unique hairstyle that will suit the needs of that person. As a hairstylist you need to be creative and think on your feet as you never know what hair challenges you will face. 

She is meticulous, passionate, honest, a visionary, adaptable and always on top of new trends. These are all attributes you should look for in a hairstylist

The importance of aftercare advise to clients is extremely important to Mendjaly.  She provides educational advice to each of her clients so they can manage their hair until their next appointment. Be part of this experience and book your next appointment at

I invite you to view her creations on Instagram and visit our website to view Mendjaly full bio.

Always remember to keep a twist in your life!


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