Tribute to Emperor Jean-Jacques Dessalines & Mireille Apollon

This weekend Frizé Frizé Team was delighted to participate in two events organized by Samedi Littéraire Haïtianno-Canadien and FESHOG (Forum d'entraide et de solidarité des Haitiens d'Ottawa Gatineau). Ange from Frizé Frizé, hosted the two events.

 The first event was located at la Maison du Citoyen in Gatineau - beside the Jean-Jacques Dessalines sculpture. This event was a memorial for Jean-Jacques Dessalines, leader of the Haitian Revolution and first ruler of an independent Haiti.

 The second event was held at the Four Points Hotel in Gatineau. This event was to celebrate the career of Mirelle Apollon, Councilor for the District of Orée-du-Parc who has served 2 consecutive terms. The room was filled with political personalities such as the Ambassador of Haiti, Frantz Liautaud and his wife Mrs. Florence Saint Léger, the Mayor of  Gatineau Maxime Pedneaud-Jobin and Member of Parliament Greg Fergus. It was a wonderful evening, that ended with lots of dancing - I can't remember the last time we danced like that!!!

Frize Frize

Frize Frize



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