Chic Locs Updo Hairstyle

Chic Locs Updo

This past weekend, Frize Frize did an assessment for Pamela and decided on her wedding day hairstyle. We had quite an interesting morning talking about hairstyles and makeup. Pamela wanted to have a style that swept across the forehead with a fishtail braid in the back. After her makeup assessment with Medjine, we tried a few options and this is what we came up with.

Chic Locs Updo Photo-shoot

Chic Locs


Where did you find inspiration for this style?
M: When create a style for someone, I start by getting a few ideas from youtube.  Then I let imagination go and make it into my own personal unique style.
How long did it take?
M: To experiment with different hairstyles it took me around two hours.
What was used to complete this hairstyle?
M: Bobby pins (wide and small closed ones).
What was challenging about this hair style?
M: The challenge was finding a way to lock in all the little ends, so that they didn't pop out once the undo completed.

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