Original Moxie: Elegant Faux Hawk

Original Moxie: Elegant Faux Hawk

Elegant Faux Hawk Bun

Frize Frize loves this this hairstyle because it is a stylish and gorgeous. But most importantly can be done in just minutes!

It is also a nice variation on the faux hawk It is versatile and can be done with various curl types.

Original Moxie: Faux Hawk photo-shoot

Original Faux Hawk

Q & A...

How long does it take to do the hair style?
It takes no more than 10 minutes.

Was there any preparation needed for this style?
No prep necessary. If your hair is long enough to tie up in a high ponytail with two strand twists, you can achieve this style.

What product did you use?
I used Original Moxie's Shape Shifter.

What tool do you need to achieve this?
Just a soft bristle brush, to brush out frizz.

Did you use anything to make it shine?
Some Hair Bling from Original Moxie.

Is it easy to freshen up after a workout?
Yes, just wear a headscarf, to keep your hair from frizzing.  Once you’re done working out, just remove the scarf and your hair will still look fresh and polished.

Frize Frize 2 cool links...

  1. THE PONY HAWK | Natural Hairstyle. TheChicNatural youtube video
  2. Faux Tapered Cut Natural Hair Updo. Natural85 youtube video.
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