Definition of acceptance -  The action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.

It took us 30 years to accept and embrace our naturally coily hair.

As pre-teens we wanted to fit in, that meant looking more or less like the others, having the same expressions and hair styles.

Growing up in Canada, our peers were all white and so we wanted to have our hair to be straight. We always wanted our mom to press our hair, however she only pressed our hair on special occasions. So when we wanted our hair to have that ‘’pressed look’’, we used to use the iron on our hair, yes literally an iron. When we think about that now, it seems so ridiculous. We did that until we finally had our hair relaxed. The summer before starting high school, We thought our hair was so nice, shiny and healthy.

As we grew older, we’ve become more self aware about our hairstyle and thought it was time to embrace who we are and took the drastic decision of cutting it all off. In 2008, we did the big chop and have never looked back since.

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