Wash Day Ritual

Wash Day Ritual


Wash Day Ritual

Suggested tools:

~Denman Brush

~A spray-bottle

~Paraben-free conditioner

~Micro-fibre towel or T-shirt

   Stay calm and breath!







  1. Stay calm and breath!
  2. Be patient with yourself and with your hair and the process will be a positive one. ♥️
  3. Start by detangling your hair, section by section, using the Denman brush, paraben-free conditioner, and spritzes of water. 
  4. Leave your hair in sections and begin washing your hair by gently scrubbing your scalp and letting the water run through your hair.
  5. Next, apply the paraben-free conditioner to each section of your hair. 
  6. Rince the conditioner out of your hair by letting the water run through your hair. Try not to rub your hair. 
  7.  remove any excess water, I use a micro-fiber towel or T-shirt to gently ‘squeeze’ out the excess. This will keep your curls from becoming tangled and will leave more moisture in your hair. 
Now it’s styling (and wine) time!

Please comment and let us know if these tips have been helpful. We appreciate your feedback! 💕 

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