Long Hair vs Short Hair

curly hair styleFor as long as I can remember, I cherished having long hair. I used to style my hair in so many different ways, from updos, twists, blow dries, you name it. However, with the birth of my twins, the up keep began to be too time consuming, so I decided to cut it short.

Here are a few pros and cons


  • Protective hair styles are easy to create and help reduce breakage.
  • It can be styled in a bun when there isn't any time to take care of it.
  • It looks good if well taken care of.


  • Long hair takes time, it can take up to 5 hours to manage.
  • Twist and twist out, finger coiling, bantu knots hairstyles, can take up to 2 hours and more.
  • It requires a lot more products to style the hair
  • It takes longer to dry 

For those of you with long hair, am sure you have stories to share on how long it takes. 


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