Self Care

Self care

Our love for ourselves all began with nutrition.


We’ve come to understand what self care was all about some time in our mid-twenties. It all started when I, Mendjaly, started working full time doing shift work, just across the local Chinese take-out. I wouldn’t pack a lunch and ate out all the time. That bad habit had led me to gain some unnecessary excess weight. My sister and I shared some clothing and at one point I outgrew her pants. Being in that state, made me feel tired and lazy most of the time. I recall often pondering about taking and doing something about my situation. I finally decided to take action and started reading everything I could get my hands on regarding nutrition. This was the turning point for both of us, just a few years later, we took control of our health and started to explore healthier alternatives for our natural hair. 

Upon taking the decision to embrace our natural curly hair, we acknowledged that self care would also be a part of our journey. We devoted time weekly to lovingly treat and wash our hair.

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